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LEA MEDIA is a Kuwaiti company specialized in managing social media pages for all commercial activities by setting a business plan and creating the page content. We manage the aspects of photography, videography, designing, managing pages and sponsor ads for social media accounts.



Lea Media is aspiring to become the leading company in the field of social media marketing and to provide the best services and creative idea that meets the needs of clients and make them achieve their goals throw different marketing strategies in addition to helping them to prosper by providing comprehensive marketing solutions and successful strategies!


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Clients Opinion


Mohammed AL Garashe Owner of Protouch Company

Our proffesional profile

Social media is one of the most important connections between companies and customers, throw which the customer builds the first impression about the company and the services it provides


Fawwaz Al Enezi Owner of AL YAMAMA COMPANY

Increasing sales

Instagram has become a way to develop and increase the company's sales by offering our services through it. Thank you Lea Media for your management and development of our account on Instagram for the third consecutive year.


Mohammed Al Shayee Owner of Ultimate Academy

Fast & Reliable

In social media we need speed in performance and achievement to keep up with events, and this is what we touched through our dealings with LEA Media.


Dr Mohammed Abdul Kareem Owner of Define Clinic

Best Company

LEA MEDIA is one of the best media companies I have ever worked with in terms of performance , achievement and credibility.

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